POWERTEC 70106 4Inch YFitting Hose Connector

  • Overall dimension: 9-13/16-Inch x 4-1/16-Inch x 8-1/4-Inch; Provides airtight friction fit
  • Tough, durable ABS plastic material
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Provides a multitude of applications
  • Three 4-Inch nominal ends measure 3-61/64-Inch O.D. and 3-3/4-Inch I.D.


POWERTEC 70106 4Inch YFitting Hose Connector


  • Connect two separate machines or two hoses from the same machine
  • Premium airtight fittings
  • Streamlined, also
  • So versatile
  • 4-Inch Y-Fitting measures 3 – 61 /64-Inch O.D. and 3-3/4 – Inch I.D
  • Expand your dust hose collection system
  • Sturdy, tight-fitting connector, also
  • Facilitate a dual hose branch (connection) from a single main hose line

Help ensure that potent dust and debris is extracted and sucked straight into your dust collector, and clear, clean air is returned into your workshop environment. Allow your dust collection system the capacity to service multiple machines.

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Weight13.8 oz
Dimensions9.8 × 8.6 × 4.2 in

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