6Pack Micro Limit Home Switch Switches

Package Included: 6 x Micro Limit Home Switch Switches


6Pack Micro Limit Home Switch Switches


  • Compatible with: CNC, 3D Printer or Any Other Linear Motion Application
  • Name: Limit Switches
  • Terminals: Common, NO – Normally Open, NC – Normally Closed
  • Body Dimensions: 28mm x 16mm x 10.25mm

Limit switches are incredibly important on a CNC machine. Due to the danger inherent with CNC machines it is necessary to put some fail safes in place. Limit switches help a lot with the safety aspect but also are very important for giving CNC machines a known zero position, which it can return to at any point.
Limit switches will help prevent a CNC machine’s axis from traveling beyond its limit and potentially causing damage and will also allow; should a power cut occur during operation, to return to the machines known zero which could safe an otherwise wasted job.

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