Mist Cooling Lubrication Double Head Spray Sys

Product Details: 

  • Has switch valve, can be opened or closed at any time
  • Inner six angle screws: This is a very important part, 1 can be connected with an air compressor is changed into a jet and spray; 2 have occurred if the nozzle clogging, loosen the six screws in the corner, with a fine wire into can dredge;
  • The spray coolant gas and cooling liquid is adjustable, easy to use on different processing conditions.
  • The installation of double head spray cooling composite pipe, can effectively do a good cooling effect.


Mist Cooling Lubrication Double Head Spray Sys


  • Nozzle hole diameter is 3 mm,
  • High temperature baking can reduce and regulate the proper nozzle diameter
  • Suitable for the use of cooling in engraving machine
  • Also for use in machine tool equipment spindle motor cutter or carving material
  • ABS quality engineering plastic
  • Can also be bent arbitrarily
  • Also arbitrary regulation
  • Finally, convenient use
  • Full-length 373 mm,also
  • Fast interface, convenient and quick installation
  • Connected with the water pump capable of spraying water, cutting fluid or also coolant
  • Prevent the carving material from making sticky tools
  • Also can access compressed air changing into jet spray cooling
  • Prevent bonding effect

Package includes:

(1) Set Cutting Cooling Double Head sprayer

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