Magnetic Sensor Limit Switch Hall Effect


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  • There are no moving parts to wear out and fail
  • They offer a much higher accuracy than a mechanical switch
  • They offer more flexibility in placement/configuration
  • They are cool, lights to show current alarm status. Green = Normal, Red = Alarm
  • They have three connections (Sensor, Positive and Negative). Where the mechanical limit switches just have two (Sensor, Negative).


Out of stock

Magnetic Sensor Limit Switch Hall Effect


  • Provides 2 functions, Homing (most popular) and Crash Prevention
  • Also can use sensors on other CNC routers and 3D printers too
  • Highly accurate
  • Offer consistent repeatable results with extremely low tolerances
  • Originally design for use on ShapeOko CNC routers
  • Can also use anywhere position detection is required such as a lids, windows, and doors
  • Simplest form, the sensor acts as an on/off switch when it comes in proximity of a magnet

The sensor switches on when it comes in proximity of a magnet (indicated with a red light). It switches off when it moves away from the magnet (indicated by a green light).

Excellent choice for accuracy and repeatability. Especially where tolerances of .001 mm or less are required such as homing.

Connecting the sensor is very easy, there are only three connections.

So noted in the picture of the sensor with the wires plugged in.

  • Red wire goes to Positive
  • Black wire goes to Negative
  • White wire goes to the Signal port of the controller.

The wires push right into the wire connector, so no soldering or crimping required.

Strong connection that is easily released.

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