CW3000 Industrial Water Chiller

Product Details: 

  • CW-3000 laser water chiller is suitable for small water cooling device.With completed water flow and over high temperature alarm functions
  • Small thermolysis water cooler, energy saving, long working life and simple operation.High cost performance, low failure rate.
  • Enclosed water tanks.Equipped with alarm output port.Professional forced air – cooled radiator.Provide stable working conditions for laser devices.
  • Mainly used on the equipment for heat exchange between the heat and the air environment. Remarks: CW3000 water chillers are equipped high speed fans inside, NOT able to control the water temperature
  • Maintenance: Cooling machine used in long term, you should open the machine and clean the dust in order to ensure good heat dissipation You can use non – corrosive antifreeze if you are in the northern cold regions


CW3000 Industrial Water Chiller


  • Tank capacity: 9L
  • Max Lift: 10M
  • Max Flow: 10L/Min
  • Protection: Flow alarm
  • Inlet and outlet hold: external φ10mm brass connector
  • Voltage: AC 110V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Current: 0.9A
  • Radiating capacity: 50W/℃
  • N.W: 9.5KG
  • G.W: 12KG
  • Dimensions: 47*27*37cm
  • Packing Dimensions: 59*39*48cm

Package includes:

  • (1) Industrial water chiller
  • (1) Power cord
  • (1) Connection cord
  • (2) Sealed hoop
  • (1) Alarm signal output plug
  • (1) Spare fuse
  • (1) User manual


  1. Open the package to check if the machine is intact and all the necessary accessories are completed
  2. Open the mouth screw on the top of machine, add cooling water (Please don’t power the machine without water)
  3. According to system conditions, connect the water inlet and outlet pipe well.
  4. Connect the power cable, turn the power switch (Note: Don’t let the water overflow)
  5. Check the radiator water level again (Keep the distance between water level and mouth is 80–150mm)

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