Geckodrive G540 4Axis Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

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  • Stepper Motor Driver, 4 axis, 50VDC, 3.5A


Geckodrive G540 4Axis Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver


  • Four of G250 drives
  • Our own breakout board
  • Hard anodized aluminum case
  • Complete 4-axis system
  • Plugs directly into your computer via the parallel port
  • Also plugs into your motors through DB9 connectors


  • I-SET resistor on motor connector
  • Morphs to full step while at higher speeds to maximize motor torque
  • TRIM adjust for motor smoothness
  • Panel mount (5.7” by 2.4” hole dim.)
  • Current Version Four 10 microstep fixed resolution discrete motor controls
  • 0 to 3.5 A rated phase current 18 VDC to 50 VDC supply voltage
  • Mid-band resonance damping Auto standby current (70% current)
  • Short-circuit protected Optoisolation on all LPT signal pins
  • Easy to service, removable drives also
  • Modular PCB design with no internal wires
  • 10 kHz watchdog timer (charge pump)
  • Optoisolated analog output for a VFD drive
  • Conservative ratings
  • Premium components
  • Two 1A at 0 to 50 VDC rated outputs
  • Four SPST to GND inputs FAULT indicator LED
  • Signal to PC POWER indicator LED also
  • Anodized aluminum package therefore
  • Also, No heatsink needed below 40 C ambient

Package also includes:

(4) backshells

(4) DB9 solder cup connectors

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