2Phase Stepper Motor CNC Driver


2Phase Stepper Motor CNC Driver

ST-DM542 is a cost effective, high performance CNC two phase stepper motor driver. Using the bipolar constant current PWM current control mode that make the motor runs smoothly and quietly. The maximum output of 4.2A drive current is suitable for NEMA17 and NEMA23 stepper motor which height is less than 112mm.


  • DC power input type: 20V ~50V
  • Output current: 1 ~4.2A
  • Micro-step: 2、4、8、16、32、64、128、5、10、20、25、40、50、100、125
  • Protect form: over-voltage, over-current protection
  • Weight: 268g 0.59lb
  • Working environment: temperature -15℃~50℃/5℉~122℉, Humidity<90%
  • The maximum pulse rate is 200KHZ
  • Dimensions: 118mm*88mm*33mm 4.6”*3.5”*1.3”


  • +V: DC Power positive terminal
  • GND: DC Power negative terminal
  • A+、A-: Stepping motor one winding
  • B+、B-: Stepping motor other winding
  • PUL+(+5V-24V)、PUL -: Stepping pulse input (Rising edge effective, Pulse width >1.2 us)
  • DIR +(+5V-24V)、DIR-: Direction signal input, high level forward, low level reverse, the direction of signal should be at least 5 us ahead of the pulse signal.
  • ENA+(+5V-24V)、ENA-: motor free
  • Green LED: Power LED
  • Red LED : Fault indication, over current, over voltage, or other failures.
  • The red LED light is bright, after the failure is eliminated, power off for a while and then power, the red LED lamp is out

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