6mm Bore 20mmOD 25mmL Screw Coupling


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  • Aluminum alloy as raw material: torsionally stiff with dampening and lightweight for low intertia
  • Since it is a single piece metallic flexible coupling, there does not exhibit the backlash
  • Multiple beam cuts improve parallel misalignment capabilities
  • The flexing action compensates parallel, angular misalignment and shaft end-play
  • Constant velocity and accommodate axial motion


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6mm Bore 20mmOD 25mmL Screw Coupling


  • Aluminum alloy
  • Set screw style beam coupling
  • Dimensions: large Bore: 6 mm(15/64 inch), Small Bore: 6 mm, Outer Diameter: 20 mm (25/32 inch), length: 25 mm (63/64 inch)
  • Cap Screw: M3-4
  • Number of Screws: 4 ea
  • Zero Backlash Shaft Coupler for Encoder Servo Motor
  • Angular Misalignment: ≤ 2°
  • Parallel Misalignment: +0.20 mm / -0.20 mm
  • Rated Torque: 1.0 Nm, also
  • Maximum Torque: 2.0 Nm, also
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 19000 RPM

One-piece metallic flexible coupling for step motor connect, servo applications and also the most common applications are attaching encoders to shafts and motion control for robotics.

  • Performance ratings are for guidance only. The user must determine suitability for a particular application.
  • Also, torque ratings for the couplings are based on the physical limitations/failure point of the machined beams.
  • Under normal/typical conditions the hubs are capable of holding up to the rated torque of the machined beams.
  • In some cases, especially when the smallest standard bores are used or where shafts are undersized, slippage on the shaft is possible below the rated torque of the machined beams.

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