CNC parts on line has a full line of your Shrink Tube needs.

We have it in all different size lengths and various diameters.

At CNC Parts have shrink tube in all different lengths also.

Shrink tubing can make your connection water resistant. Shrink tubing is put on first to cover the joint and by heating the tube up it shrinks around the wire.

Of all shrink tubing materials, polyolefin heat shrink tubing is vary popular due to its flexibility and low shrink temperature.

Heat-shrink tubing. Therefore heat shrink is a shrinkable plastic tube used for strain relief, abrasion resistance, environmental protection, and insulation for cables, joints, or terminals.

Heat-shrink tubing is a shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires. Providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints and terminals in electrical work.

Use shrink tubing for all you electrical connections at

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